When the time is right, take a leap

On Wednesday, February 19, 2014, Leadarise held its first showcase event in NYC at the offices of Cohn & Wolfe. The event focused on the topic of women and entrepreneurship and featured two speakers, Kimberly Weisul, Editor-at-Large for Inc.com and co-founder of One Thing New and Veronique Cardon, Founder of Cardon Health Care & Wellness Consulting, LLC.

Leadarise volunteers prepare to welcome participants

During the one-hour conversation, Kimberly and Veronique, who both pursued the entrepreneurial path after experience in the corporate world, spoke to a room of 35 participants about their career journeys and what led them to their current roles. Their stories offered valuable advice to anyone with entrepreneurial or even intrapreneurial ambitions.

[From right to left] Veronique Cardon, Kimberly Weisul and Jennifer Mackie
Veronique Cardon recently left the corporate world to begin her own business and develop the CogniDiet, however she spoke about the valuable experience she gained while working in the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years, “Even when I worked at Pfizer, I was an intrapreneur. Just because you work for a company doesn’t mean you can’t create your own ideas and see them through”. The leadership and management skills she developed were necessary steps along the way to becoming her own boss, “Everything has a time and place” she said, “I wouldn’t have been ready to start my own business earlier. I needed time to develop the right skills and working for a large company helped with that immensely”.

She encouraged anyone with dreams of becoming an entrepreneur to prepare for hard work, but also to share the load. “Don’t think you have to be a guru at everything”, she said. “Know where your strengths lie, and find the right people to help you in the areas where you could improve. Surround yourself with a good group of advisers.”

Kimberly Weisul, who co-founded One Thing New, a digital media startup that is rebooting women’s content, spoke about the importance of finding the right partner. “Make sure it’s someone you can trust”. She encouraged participants to take risks and to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, ” If there’s something you’re afraid of doing, force yourself to do it. Eventually you’ll get more comfortable and this is how you’ll build confidence. If you wait until the perfect moment, you may never do it”.

She added that no matter what your goal may be, view every opportunity as a chance to prepare for the future and when the time is right, prepare to take a leap, “Take the knowledge you’ve acquired and jump into the water!” she said.

Leadarise participants gather for a group photo

We’d like to thank our wonderful speakers and all who came to our first event, we hope there’ll be many more!

A special thanks to our fabulous speakers, Kimberly Weisul and Veronique Cardon!

Article by Jennifer Mackie and Sarah Reinheimer

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