How to write an Op-Ed for The New York Times

Ever wonder what it takes to have an Op-Ed published in The New York Times? Last night Leadarise New York was lucky enough to hear from Trish Hall, deputy editorial editor at The New York Times who shared great advice on what she looks for when selecting new content.

Got an opinion? Why not write about it?

At the event, organized by Young Professionals in Foreign Policy New York, Hall said her team receives hundreds of submissions each day from contributors around the world. But in order to grab this editor’s attention and make the final cut, there are few things she looks for.

  1. Expertise: It’s important to have knowledge on the topic you’re writing about. Try to bring a new perspective to the table, but make sure you can support your views with facts and research.
  2. Timeliness: See what’s happening in the news that you’d like to comment on. Op-Eds should relate to current events, otherwise readers might have a hard time relating to the opinion.
  3. Authenticity: Don’t think you have to use jargon and overly-complicated language to be published in The New York Times. The publication wants real views and it wants the truth. A great piece of advice Hall shared is, “Think about what you’d tell your friends at a cocktail party. What do you really care about and want your friends to understand? Now take that and turn it into an article”.

Trish encouraged young professionals to send their submissions to The New York Times, as their always looking for new ideas. It’s a great way to practice writing and formalize opinions, and who knows, you may even spark an international debate!

Op-Eds can be submitted to The New York Times at

For more advice from Trish on how to submit an Op-Ed and insight into the process, read her article, “Op-Ed and You“.

Trish Hall, The New York Times

Article by Jennifer Mackie 

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