London Workshop: How to Build a Strong CV

On Tuesday evening in London (17 June 2014), we were delighted to welcome a group of you to our workshop: How to Build a Strong CV.

Hosted by recruitment expert Helen Artlett- Coe of City recruitment firm Crimson, the two-hour session aimed to equip attendees with the knowledge needed to sell their skills effectively on their CV. Our group was mixed with students, recent graduates and professionals with 15+ years of experience from a variety of career backgrounds.

London CV
Participants in London

Group exercises were followed by lively discussion. Did you know that following the Age Discrimination Act, most applicants are now leaving their date of birth off of their CV? Or that there is a new fashion in recruitment to add ‘Other skills and interests’ or ‘hobbies’ due to post-recession competitiveness?

London CV2
Participants discuss the key to a great CV

Commenting on the event, Helen said:

“Applying for a new opportunity is so competitive in today’s market, you need to stand out – and for the right reasons! Your CV is the first impression you will make on any potential employer, so it’s important you get it right.

 “How to construct a stand out CV is a subjective topic; one could ask three different sources for guidance and receive three different opinions. In this session we endeavoured to amalgamate a range of advice and 14 years’ worth of recruitment industry experience to build a CV that was current, relevant and concise.”

London CV3
Make your CV stand out from the crowd!

Here are a few of our key takeaways from the workshop:

  • The most common mistakes on CVs are spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Proof read your CV, do it again, and then ask someone else to do the same.
  • Think about the aesthetics – is your CV easy on the eye? Make sure your text isn’t too small and you haven’t crammed in too much.
  • Make sure your dates line up and unless you were doing two jobs at the same time, make sure they don’t cross over.
  • Have you taken time out of work due to redundancy or travel? Be honest and explain any gaps.
  • Make sure you know your CV inside out- you need to know every single bullet point and be able to talk about it all at ease in an interview.
London CV4
Refreshments after an evening of hard work!

A special thanks to Helen Artlett- Coe and Lucinda Hammond from Crimson and to Nicola Martin from Leadarise London!

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