Arise to Lead Winter 2015

This month Leadarise reached the milestone of piloting our first peer training weekend in Brussels.

Almost too much talent to handle
Almost too much leadership talent to handle

14 arising leaders from public administration, engineering, the private and the NGO sectors  joined our Brussels team to experience the fun that comes from doing something for the first time with inspiring and upbeat people.

The weekend focused on leadership, inspiration, openness, networking, skills, service and authenticity. The objective was to provide a nurturing space for talented people to learn about leadership from each other in sessions for young women designed by young women.

Breakout sessions galore!
Breakout sessions galore!

This was made a lot easier by the generosity of the Library Group, who made us feel right at home in their beautiful coworking space (psst! fans of the Library Europe & Ixelles will be happy to know that a new opening at Ambriorix is planned for early next year).

Arise to Leaders with Leadarise volunteers
Arise to Leaders with Leadarise volunteers

We’re delighted to have learnt a lot through participant feedback and we hope to make Arise to Lead Summer 2016 an even bigger success!


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