The Art – Not The Science – Of Being A Good Speaker

Leadarise had the pleasure of hosting a workshop on “Powerful Public Speaking for Women” with experienced coach Elizabeth van den Bergh on 27 March at the Library Group Brussels.   It was a full house with 27 eager participants ready to learn more about the skills that could help them stand out amongst fellow speakers.

What was is like? The participants got active and left their comfort zone. Led by Elizabeth, they practiced presenting and reviewed different ways of delivering speeches.

Here are a few tips we picked up:

  • Be intentional – care about and focus on what you are saying

  • Be assertive and choose to make yourself heard

  • Get out of your comfort zone

  • Prepare well – structure your message and practice your delivery

  • Simplify but don’t dumb things down unnecessarily

  • Be conscious of your physical and mental posture

  • Start with a killer opening and finish strong

  • Use pauses to deliver your message

And most of all, don’t forget: We all have the potential to be great public speakers! Public speaking is a skill, it can be learned and should be practiced for it to become an art. The only challenge left is to find your own style and enjoy it.

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